VA Electronics  - General Information


VA Electronics, as well as its predecessor, has had more than 25 years of supplier experience. Our organizational structure, a team of specialists and the technological equipment all serve this particular purpose. The company intends to continue its operations as a supplier, and to improve its market position. The demand for switches is also constantly changing, which encourages the company to continuously improve and expand the product range, and to develop the applied technology.

Our products are assembled from many metal and plastic parts, which can be reproduced effeciently in large volumes and only on automated production lines. The technological and technical background of VA Electronics certainly meets these expectations.

Our technological capabilities include plastic processing with injection moulding machines; metal parts manufacturing; tooling for plastic processing and metal parts production. Assembly is carried out either entirely manually or with the help of special work stations and semi-automated equipment.

The main requirement for the development of new products is the preparation of tools for the production of component parts. VA Electronics has an appropriate tool design and tool manufacturing background, which is a guarantee for making high-quality switches, and for the flexible adaptation to market trends.

The Tüv certified quality management system in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard has been in operation since 1994.

Our products are tested by such European certification institutes as MEEI, VDE, Intertek Semko, and their quality meets the current requirements of the international market.

As an additional activity, we deal with the injection moulding production of plastic parts, and the manufacture of metal parts by cutting and stamping.

VA Electronics is a fully Hungarian privately-owned innovative company with its own technical development capacity, a tool manufacturing department and a production base to help flexibly and fully meet customer needs by giving quality services.

One of the company’s main objectives is to further strengthen its market position by integrating into end-product manufacturers to such an extent that ensures lasting and mutually advantageous cooperation.

History of our company

The company was founded in 1953 under the name of Electrical Mass Product and Toy Factory. Its first products were whistles for referees, component parts for power-looms and switches.

The „forerunner” of the presently existing range of products was created between 1961 and 1963, namely the line of industrial push buttons and indicating lamps for mounting hole diameters of 30 and 33 mm.

In the period from 1975 to 1989 the company had joined KONTAKTA which had its headquarters in Budapest. The range of products was expanded. Rocker switches, switches of household appliances (washing machine, spin-drier, refrigerator, freezer, vacuum-cleaner) appeared among the products.  We purchased the licence for manufacturing 16 mm push buttons from the German company called RAFI. The number of the staff increased to 450 persons.

The company became independent again from 1st January, 1989 under the name „Vezérléstechnikai Alkatrészgyártó Vállalat” (Company for Manufacturing Component Parts for Control Technics). In order to extend the range of our products we bought the licence and know-how from the German Klöckner-Möller company to introduce the manufacture of the 22 mm operating devices.

In 1992 the company became a state-owned company limited by shares.  Then in March 1993 the company was privatized, and began to widen the market, improve the products and establish the quality control system. As a result, the market share increased by 30%.

A TÜV - certified ISO 9001 quality system has been in operation since September 1994. Financially, the company was stabilized with 5 % export of the total turnover. 

On September14, 1995 the company raised its registered capital from HUF 100 million to 160 million. A Dutch financial investment company (VCH) joined with 25 % so we became a Hungarian-Dutch joint venture.

2002 brought a significant change in the life of the company as it became a fully Hungarian-owned company. The same company form has been in effect ever since.

The number of employees currently (2020) employed by VA Electronics is 35. 


The services our company offers include the production of
  • Handling devices

Former Klöckner-Moeller license operating and signal devices, switches, pushbuttons, indicator lamps, contacts, mounts, cases, inscriptions

  • Switches for household appliances (traditional line)

 Refrigerator light switch, refrigerator indicator lamp and switch, boiler protective switch, boiler connecting switch, rocker switches for other household appliances, power point and pins for high, normal and low voltage.

  • Plastic molding/processing
  • Soles, Caps, end stoppers and covers to be fitted onto ladders

  • Operating devices for Power tools and Garden machines

Lawn-mower switches, microswitches

  • Metal contact pieces

Used in switches

  • Assembly

Within the framework of wage contracts, we undertake the manufacture, installation and assembly of various moulded plastic parts, and metal parts. We offer our free manufacturing and assembling capacity in order to expand our business activities.